Meet the Artist

meet pannet

Artist Pannet – 2019 – Art Basel Miami

“Pannet” is Phyllis Anne Taylor.

Phyllis enjoys encouraging women to acknowledge, accept & activate their imaginations allowing them to fully tap into their Fierce, Fabulous & creative Feminine selves! 

She guides women in creating their own images and choosing to heal any wounds that may occur around body image, emotional or physical pain through using visual art as medicine. 

Sometimes there are no words to express what one has experienced and even if there were, one is often unable to articulate their feelings because of grief, pain or shame. 


By using painting as a form of medicine, Intentional Creativity (R) can be a powerful healing process. Phyllis shares her own healing journey through Intentional Creativity (R) by sharing the coping methods used to help her move through and to the other side of pain and showing women how to visually release hurts using image to change their own stories.

This act of creation is empowering and changes the creator in remarkable ways. Phyllis sincerely believes when creativity occurs in broken places transformation happens and Intentional Creativity (R) is a beautiful catalyst for this transformation.

dIVINE feminine

Her “Divine Feminine” portrait series shows women reflecting on the lives they are presently living or have lived this far.  This series allows others to experience the feeling of freedom and wholeness in being able capture images that reflect women as they see themselves and not how others see them.  Their true authentic, beautiful selves!

here are some of phyllis’ favorite pieces

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