Paint Your Muse!!

“I had a great time creating with Ms. Phyllis! This was my first time doing a Portrait and she made me feel super comfortable and was so helpful in guiding me through the process!! I was so very pleased with my painting!!” – Audra

“Even if you can only paint stick people, Phyllis will help you find your inner creativity. “  – Tess

“Ms. Phyllis guided myself and a number of others through a process to paint our Muse this past weekend. As a writer, I knew that this would have a positive impact on my creativity in some way but I was caught off guard with how much it shifted my perspective of WHY I’ve dedicated my life to writing. Ms. Phyllis is a gentle, yet thorough teacher! I had no idea what I was doing initially but her encouraging instruction not only gave me clarity in task but also clarity into my individual and unique Muse. I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Phyllis if you want to deepen your artistic voice in any way…even for folks who don’t believe they have any creativity. Ms. Phyllis will help you find your creative voice. “ – Stephanie