Pannet’s Paint pARTy!!!!

virtual painting PARTY!

get together with your…

  • Best friends, family, neighbors
  • Co-workers (the ones you’d go to happy hour with even if you had a choice)
  • Civic organization, social meetup groups
  • Virtual Networking group

and create your own masterpiece!

It may look like a Faith Ringgold, a Tamara N. Madden, a Romare Bearden, a Van Gogh or even a Regular Artist but YOU will have created this Masterpiece!!!

If you don’t know who all of those people are, that’s o.k. we still have you covered!

We know you’re tired of ZOOM meetings (so are we). I bet you’re longing to get together with people outside of your home circle for something other than meetings or just talking. Right?


Artwork by Pannet of “Tahitian Woman with Flowers” by Gaugain

how does a virtual painting party actually work? glad you asked!

  1. Call up the girls (or guys or girls & guys) and ask them if they’re ready to turn-up their online convos with some creativity, color and FUN!! You can even gather the family for some “family fun time”!
  2. You choose a design from our catalog.
  3. Book your party through our online calendar (at least 7-10 days in advance).
  4. After you book and pay for the party (up to 25 Participates) we’ll send you a confirmation email with a list of supplies that each of your guests will need to get the most out of your party.
  5. 3 days prior to your event, we’ll email everyone a pre-drawn image (your choice to use or not use) to outline onto their canvas or paper and a zoom access link.
  6. You show up for a quick tech-check-in session to meet the instructor and find out how things are going to work during your party.
  7. You and your party show up and hang out in the room 15 mins prior to start your virtual “happy hour”.
  8. This is the most important part…we start partying and painting!


Upcoming paint parties will be posted soon!


do you have questions about our painting parties?

Book a discovery session with me and we’ll figure it out together!


  • I have a specific design in mind, do you offer custom designs for parties?

Specific designs cost more. You choose the Abstract, Landscape, Portrait or Still Life from a Master Painter and I will simplify it for your party guests. Schedule a discovery session or email me to discuss your request.

  • How do I book a painting party?

Choose a date on the calendar that works for you and your party. There is a $25 (non-refundable) fee to hold a date on our calendar. The balance for the party must be paid with 72 hours of booking the date. Refunds (Minus processing fee) require a written (email) notice received by me seven days before your scheduled party of 15 or fewer and a written (email) notice received by me two weeks before a scheduled party of 16 or more. For parties booked/paid for 20 or more guests the Host is FREE!

  • Do I need to have an active/paid Zoom account to setup & participate in the party?

No, you do not. We will be using our own zoom account to connect to your party. Each member of your party will receive a confirmation email once your party is booked and paid in full and you have provided a list of your guests names and email addresses they’ll receive an email letting them know when the party will take place on zoom as well as the date & time to include it on their calendar.

Two days prior to your party, your guests will receive details on how to log into zoom. We will conduct a tech check-in – section to make sure we are good to go 1 hr prior to the party with a select number of your guests.

  • How are your painting parties different than your 1-day workshops?

Our workshops focus more on the healing aspects of painting as medicine and are more involved and topic-specific. Our painting parties are designed to be laid back, slightly less structured but organized in way that provides fun and instruction for you and your guests.