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Welcome! I am delighted that you’re here!

At Pannet Art Studio, we believe that working with our wounds through therapeutic creative tools is extremely powerful and healing because it gives voice to our “unspeakable” stories. Through the method of Intentional Creativity®, we learn to step out of the paradigms that dominate our lives (internally and externally) and discover how to tap into our innate creative side…whether we know it’s there or not!

What is Intentional Creativity®?

The integration of your inner and outer self using image, story and language with paint as the primary medium of expression to recreate your story leading you to a path of healing and transformation.

This is what is needed to begin healing! When you are intentional, you are consciously choosing to explore the story that is your life and how you have been operating in your life.

Begin the change through intentionally creating that which brings you to what and who you could become. It allows you to create an opening to release stuck energy because it requires that you bring your emotions & your story to the canvas.

With every paint stroke, you paint with intention coming from a place of consciousness and design. Your revelation then becomes your breakthrough.

This act of creating arises from the desire to express ourselves, to be seen and heard and loved, to belong to ourselves and to create our own images.

Over the years, many powerful art-based, heart-based, and physiological-based healing remedies and therapies have come on the rise to bring us new information about how we function as humans, and how we can also help heal ourselves. Intentional creativity® is one of those powerful means of healing!

Benefits of intentional creativity®

  • Helps to heal emotional wounds by visually re-telling stories that have negatively shaped your life
  • Allows you to move from being “stuck” and feeling “immobilize” or “stagnant” to creating new space within yourself
  • Encourages redirection of energy towards positive movement.

“Intentional Creativity® is consciously choosing freedom for yourself & acknowledging, accepting & activating your innate creativity!”

— Phyllis Anne Taylor

Hi there!

I am so happy to have a spot for you to visit and join me on my journey through Intentional Creativity®.

I love creating a space for women to heal themselves from the inside out. Whether it’s through one of my many workshops, painting parties, or specialized programs, I enjoy teaching women how to visually release pain they may have buried/suppressed deep in their bodies. Releasing hurts using image, language & symbol to change your story is a creative act of empowerment and changes the creator in remarkable ways. I sincerely believe when creativity occurs in broken places transformation happens and Intentional Creativity® is a beautiful catalyst for this transformation.

A saying I heard and love is “never underestimate the power of woman with a paintbrush and a palette!”

Phyllis Anne Taylor – the Artist known as Pannet!

What OTHERS are Saying

Toni F.

“Phyllis is gifted. When you engage Phyllis to teach or create you engage her passion. You cannot lose, artistically.”

Stephanie M.

“As a rape survivor I didn’t realize how much I needed your workshop or how it would affect me. Your methods helped bring forth a sense of strength I didn’t realize I had….”

Mary W.

“I loved the instructor, personal, attentive and taught various techniques to add dimension to the work.

Pearl L.

“The instructor was fabulous!”

Nicole P.

“Phyllis has a calming spirit that ushers in healing and transformation!”


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