August Mother/Daughter Weight Loss/Exercise Challenge

August 7, 2010
My daughter, Ayana, and I agreed to encourage each other in eating healthy, exercising and losing weight during August…and beyond! I’m starting at 182 lbs-August 1st.
Anyway it’s been 7 days and I dropped 2 lbs. The first five days I didn’t walk enough to counter act all that I ate!! What a way to begin. But Friday I attempted to walk around Stn Mtn – didn’t quite make it – got too hot – it was 100 degrees and I didn’t decide to walk until 12:30 in the afternoon. Needless to say if it wasn’t for a post in the road I wouldn’t have been standing. A good Samaratan gave me a ride back to the gate where I’d parked. Drank water too! Lesson learned – walk earlier in the day!!!! Stn Mtn is 5 miles around  (hilly too!) and I did about two (coming and going!)miles. All that for two freaking pounds! but I’m thankful they’re gone!!

Even though last night I got the munchies – real bad!! I was up past midnight and am finding out if I am up that late I eat more!!! I ate a chicken thigh, a slice of cheese with a slice of turkey breast, and three 4 oz cups of yougurt!! All within an hour! I went to bed at 1 a.m. SAD, sad. Gotta work on my self control!!! Or go to bed earlier. Today I’m doing good! walked Dutchess a mile – uphill at 9 a.m! Drank a Slim-Rite shake for breakfast and am going now to fix a spinach salad for lunch. And ONE 4 oz yogurt!
I’ll let you know how the day ends! LOL!!!

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  1. Sister, sister. the first of anything…..keep going. keep posting, keep painting and keep walking. The results are inevitable.

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