August 8, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my grand daughter Selene who is 4 yrs old today!!!
Ok, so this morning I drank a meal replacement drink for breakfast and went off to church. Awesome experience during worship service!! Drank lots of water through out the day, too. Ate an apple in the car on the way home. Now it’s 4:00 in the afternoon and I’m not hungry – why? Should I eat anyway? Or wait until the hungries hit hard? Drink more water? Interesting delimma! Good thing I have nothing in the house I actually want to eat ’cause this is one of those moments I would definitely not be strong of character and just eat the goodies! Boy Satan is ALWAYS on the prowl!!! I’m glad Sunday is a day of “rest” because I am not about to go walking in this heat! Had enough of that on Friday with my silly self! I’ll walk Dutchess later this evening instead.

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