New Day

It’s Friday!!!! Yea!  Got up with renewed “commitment” and faith! It may only be 2:30 or so but so far so gooood!!! Had cheerios (honey nut) and almond milk for breakfast. Lots of water. Walked Dutchess (maybe a mile, uphill). More water. Then my ATL daughter and I went to Piedmont park and walked…some more. The sun was so hot I was sweating like a hog! (Do hogs sweat??) All the water I drank was pouring out of me by the bucketfuls! Even in the shade there was little relief. The best thing about it…no hills!!! Had we gone to Stone Mountain I’d still be there..sprawled out on the sidewalk waiting to be resusitated!! Whose idea was this anyway????
Mine. Penance for this past week. I know – my guilt meter is off the hook! Five miles or so – one for each day I didn’t walk and all the snickers I ate!! In the burning, boiling sun!! Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!! (A little catholic school training coming out!)
Wonder how I can tell if it worked? Did I lose anything besides water and my confidence…oh, I meant committment?

I’ve got the rest of the day to go so we’ll see how successful I am!!! I am being very “mindful” of my actions today!

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