I need a makeover!

 Whether positive or negative, emotions are powerful…even overwhelming! Sometimes I feel as if my emotions need a makeover (an internal “cleanse” before the external will change!).
If not processed in healthy ways emotions can get stuck like a clogged drain. If we alter the way we view our situations we can change the way we respond to them…with wisdom rather than impulsive actions we regret later!

When we surrender our feelings, help comes from the One who has the power to blast away our emotional congestion. Lord – renovate me! Transform me so I can be balanced and healthy in my emotions! I need & want your power to change, to be wise, enjoy sound thinking and make good decisions in how I express myself.  Ahhhhh – back to the Source – prayer is essential to managing emotions. For renewing your mind.
Thank you God for the power to change.

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