Epiphany….of a sort

If this past weekend taught me anything it was I don’t do well in the heat either! I used to love basking in the sun! Now, the sun beaming on my head gets me to sweating like a dog! Guess that’s what happen as you move along the ageline.
Didn’t help either that I also read an article on a female bodybuilder who looks FABULOUS and just happens to be 72 years old!!! Been training since she was in her 50’s. Not that I’m aspiring to become a body builder…though I am “aspiring” to build my body back into any shape besides that of something resembling silly putty!
Ahhhh brings us back to committment doesn’t it. Guess I have to face it, I’m just not that committed….or haven’t been. Today is a new day!!  I even took the candy bar out of my bag (and did NOT eat it! Gave it away). Now that was hard!!
First I’m going to stop attempting to do what my body isn’t prepared (ready) to do….like walk around Stone Mountain or even up it!!!! Yeah, I did it before but that was before I ate all them snickers and gained all this weight!! Yeah, in my mind I’m thinking I can still do what I used to do! Probably will be able to do it again…but not today. One step at a time! So instead of me tackling a two hour walk how about I start out with the “at least 30 mins. a day” idea?
Yeah, well this morning I was going to do 30 mins of aerobic exercise (to one of my tapes) and 15 mins into the tape I couldn’t breathe!!!! And that was just the warm up!!!! WTH???!
But I can do this! I did last the whole 15 mins (though it took another 15 to recuperate!).
So when I get  home today I’m taking the ole girl (Dutchess, not me!) for a brisk 15 min walk around the neighborhood…going up the hill back to the house will be the “aerobic” part of the walk!
One step at a time…..

One thought on “Epiphany….of a sort

  1. Do you not realize that walking dutchess and doing the tape this morning is actually 45 mins of exercise today instead of 30 mins. Take it slow. don't over do it. I think i can get you a trainer for free if you want to commit to working out with someone. You have to want to do it though.

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