Acknowledging what is….

There are some things at which I am good…great even! Then there are some things which I don’t get right away but an “aha” moment eventually occurs.
Then there is technology. I understand now why my son shakes his head and my daughter puts her head in her hands when I call to ask the same questions again and again….and again. I don’t get it. There are learning curves…so I hear. I believe my line hasn’t yet begun to “curve”. Or has it?
It’s not a hardware issue, I believe it’s a software issue. I’ve known how to use a keyboard since high school..and that was a long time ago! I was working at USA Today when we had to learn how to use the new technology of a Mac to do our artwork. I was introduced to various types of software…Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Excel, Access, and many others. None, I repeat NONE of which I’ve ever conquered even after classes. I may have learned one or two steps in each but that does not make me a “user”! I was definitely a hands on, do it by hand kind of a person but that battle was being lost daily. My way was becoming obsolete. I did learn to use some “desktop publishing” software and kept my employment stable creating marketing materials. I also logged a lot of long, long hours (not overtime) because it took me so long, with many repeated efforts, to figure out how to get it done. This has been occurring again recently as I embark on my new adventure of teaching Expressive Art classes and promoting those classes online. Sigh. A deep, deep Sighhhhh.
Creating event pages and websites, using Social Media, tagging, flagging, twitting, pinteresting, instagraming, hashtagging…..what???? I don’t get it!!! I don’t want to get it!!! But I must… especially since I’m considering creating online courses!!! Who am I kidding??!!!
This past weekend it took me four hours to create an event page. FOUR HOURS!!! And to figure out how to connect my blog to my pages took days of frustrating trial and error! And I’m not certain I’ll remember how to connect this issue!! I cannot afford to pull out the little hair I have left on my head!!
Then I received a gentle reminder from my daughter that I was missing the bigger picture. It may have taken me “forever” to do those things but I DID IT!!
She’s right! I am ahead of the curve……somewhat, and I am acknowledging that!!
I’m taking my kudos, patting myself on the back, high five-ing my other hand!! Acknowledging the fact that some of my peers don’t do it at all and some even ask me….ME… to help them!! I’m acknowledging the fact that YES!! I created post cards to be printed and I did create event pages for my classes ( and ( and I did create events in Google Plus, and Instagram. I did that!!!
Just like it took me three months to get the coloring book “Fierce, Fabulous & Feminine” onto I did it!!! It’s there and it’s been selling!
So, yes I am learning to acknowledge my stick-to-it-tive-ness!!
I will stick to it long enough to be in a position to hire someone who knows what they are doing to do it all for me!!

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