How I Roll….

So much to do and I don’t seem to be making a dent! So much I want to do and I cannot get distracted! I want to work with my friend’s focus group but I must focus on completing the course I have chosen to run – becoming an Intentional Creativity Teacher. And I’ve got ideas waiting to become paintings but they haven’t gotten to the canvas yet or off the drawing board!
I walked 10,000 or more steps per day for two months in the Move 60: Get Healthy Central Florida challenge and plan to begin riding my bike daily…except I haven’t tested it out yet….I haven’t been on my bike since 2015 but I won’t allow fear of falling keep me from riding….I like it too much but I still haven’t tried to ride…yet.
I waiver too much, all the time. I feel as if I have no follow through, no support, no cheer me on kudo’s section. No “Good job, Phyllis!” Well, sometimes you have to encourage yourself! I can sing my own praises! I can pat my own back (sorta kinda), congratulate myself! So with all I have to do I am making headway, I can check things off my “to do” list even while the list continues to grow. I don’t want the list to stop growing because that would mean I am done! It’s the end of the line! So, nope, I’ll keep checking items off and keep adding to my list. I’m moving on! When I feel scattered and confused or overwhelmed is when I must breathe deeply, be still and listen to the Voice of Spirit for guidance and wisdom.
I can release the 60 pounds I need to let go.
I can order my time to accomplish what I need to get done.
I can successfully complete the tasks I have before me in a timely manner.
I can do what needs to be done by me.
I am alive with creative energy, awake to prospering ideas and open to unlimited goodness. Daily.
I can’t just pick up the dice I have to roll ’em. Take the gamble, take the leap, get out the boat (if I want to walk on water) and keep moving forward!
That’s how I roll!

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