And Still I Rise

Message of The Legend
I Rise Up…70!
Yes, I’ve lived my life but it’s not over!!! It is never too late to learn something new or to do something you’ve not done! And I’m am doing just that, now, at 70.
I want to leave a Legacy for my grandchildren and their children! I cannot do that if I do not become someone they can or want to talk about….A Legend!
For me to become a colorlicious woman of action I had to embrace my past, gain clarity on what it is I want to do for me (for SELF) that could and would impact others, have the courage to do something new, different and out of my comfort zone, be willing to access my inner creativity even though it wasn’t what I was “taught”, collaborate with others and not always be working on my own, and commit myself to putting in the time and energy necessary to produce needed change….not just in mySELF but in the lives of others.
As author Octavia Butler once stated “…all that you touch you change, all that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change.”
I planted seeds of change that would have life changing effects but that’s exactly what I needed and wanted. I was not “too old” to change my perspectives. So each day I just show up and do something that will move me a little closer to my Intentional Creativity goal. No matter how many times my Critical Mind attempts to silence my Muse she finds her flow and keeps putting in the work. Practice, practice, practice, she says to the Critic, is how I will change the tone of your voice. I don’t want to silence you, I want to work with you to help bring satisfaction, joy, fun, purpose and more to a well lived life! I will create, the Muse says, you bring the structure and together we will laugh, dream, create and take advantage of the ever present opportunities available! Together we still rise.

With an attitude of gratitude I Rise Up…70!

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