A New Day! A New Beginning!

Today’s a new day! I feel renewed, creative and ready to do what is mine to do. I get another chance to get it right! I get to choose to make conscious choices about my health, my habits and my attitude!
I had a whole day since last blog to beat myself up, feel ashamed, guilty, embarrassed and every other emotion that emotional eaters go through when they “fall off the wagon”. And I fell hard. Instead of devouring another snickers bar (yes they are still in the kitchen refrigerator!) I ate banana pudding instead…and I don’t even like banana pudding! I “justified” eating the pudding by convincing myself “at least it isn’t a snickers!” You’re darn skippy it wasn’t a snickers!!! YUCK!!!

So here we are – today. A Fresh Start. I’m not even going to look back to see what triggered that “episode”! Gonna attempt to stay in the present moment!
Sooo today is starting out good…had my breakfast drink, water and am not hungry! Yet.

I’ve racked up on Healthy Choice meals – they were on sale at WalMart!!! My baby girl ate one last night and she put it on a plate – it looked so pretty! You’d thought she cooked the meal herself (which she could do now!) and never know it was a microwave meal!
Well, I thought about that – putting the meals on a plate and making them appealing….Nahhhh, then I’d have a plate to wash! LOL! Hahahahah!!
I’m only interested in the color appeal anyway…as long as I see a variety in color I’m fine. Like my salads…they are usually always green, red, orange and yellow. Then some off color depending on what protein I want! Gotta get more fruit in my life though. I’ve been slacking in that category big time!!

Haven’t done too much walking since Saturday. Gotta get that going again. Toodles!!

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