Committment vs Ritual

Bible study tonight was on committment. Committment to living God’s Word. Sometimes we do things over and over and believe we are commited. Well Commitment and Ritual are not the same. Repeatedly doing the same thing is ritual…or idiotic. And we may need to be commited.
I continue along the same path maybe diviating a little here and there but no matter how I “justify” it I am still dishonoring the body God gave me to house my soul. Definitely desecrating the temple of God.
Tonight’s class is a definite test of my commitment…not to my wanting to lose weight but my commitment to treating my body as the temple of the God who gave me and continues to give me life.

That said…what the heck is a calorie? I’ve never counted one. I eat too few of them and I gain weight. I eat too many of them and I gain weight. So what’s the deal? How do you get those little buggers to balance out?
I’ve had a wonderful day…eating wise! Had my breakfast drink along with two fat cutting capsules about 7 this morning. Drank water (I try to get 64 ozs down but am doing good to drink 32 in a day), ate a yogurt around 11 a.m. and wasn’t hungry again until 2 pm. Ate a Healthy Choice meal (delicious!) for lunch and  had a salad to eat for dinner which I didn’t get to eat ’cause bible study started at 7 pm and I wasn’t going to be chomping on lettuce while everybody was talking about commitment! So I took the salad home.

Now it is 11 pm and I’m up ’cause I was “committed” to eating that salad! It looked good, smelled good and I wasn’t going to let it go to “waste”! Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken with carrots, tomatoes, yellow peppers, shredded cheese (Yum!) but I threw out the cucumbers and croutons! (1st time I ever had a Zaxby’s salad)
So I settled myself in front of the TV to watch murder and mayhem do their thing while I indulged my senses with my salad. Somewhere between the first forkful and the last I stop listening to my body cry out -“STOP, you’re over feeding me!” Nope didn’t hear my tummy groan, didn’t feel my throat close up. Nada. Ignored that sick feeling.

I was so committed to finishing that salad that I ignored all the signals. I sacrificed my own body to the god of gluttony.

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