Calorie counting?

OMG! This is something I don’t like! Not that it’s hard or anything…just kinda annoying! But I guess if I want to know how much I’m actually eating it’s necessary! Like I figured out that the Kashi cereal I like to eat one cup is considered a serving and one serving is 140 calories and of course you gotta add the milk calories to that to be accurate and I guess that’s good if you ate one cup! The bowl I use is probably five cups!!! No wonder the cereal doesn’t last long! Siggghhh.

Today though I added up everything I’ve eaten up until now and I consumed 1300 calories! Yea! Hmmm how many did I burn I wonder? This losing weight is WORK and I already work fo’ jobs!!! I’d rather just stay mindful of what I eat and not overeat (OD) the healthy food I bought!!
At least I can sleep good tonight knowing I have not “indulged” in anything I’d be ashamed to admit!!! I’m good. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. YES I can!!!

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