What happened?

Today didn’t actually suck it was just a weird day! I woke up 3 times before 6 a. m. for starters!! Then I figured out what I wanted for lunch, packed all the veggies and fruit and yougurt I’d need for the day and put it in the fridge while I got dressed. Left for work about 20 mins earlier than “normal” and 30 mins into my hour drive realized my lunch was still in the fridge!! That one cup of cereal was wearing off already and I had nothing else to eat!!! Even the best laid plans……. So you see where this is going….
Got to work..quiet and peaceful. Round about 11 a.m. I couldn’t take it anymore but Pastor saved the day – he brought me some grapes and a plum! yea!! Then I found a poppy seed muffin in the kitchen. You ever notice how big those muffins are – wow!! I had to eat it in increments! Then I fixed a Boca Burger…..not all that good.  Wasn’t hungry anymore but not “satisfied” either. I was missing my own lunch!!! Bwahhh  Wandered back to the kitchen and stared into the fridge and then…I noticed underneath all the leftover candybars from Saturday…there it was a SNICKERS!!!! Yup…I ate it! Hmmmmm sooooo satisfying! Except about 20 mins later I was so sleepy I couldn’t hold my head up! Left work and got home about 5:30 and slept until 9 o clock!!! WTH???? Now I’m up….

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