Now what???

Now what?? I’ve got no appetite…not hungry…no cravings! That’s a good thing I suppose. But If I don’t eat that’s not good. I eat breakfast (actually measure out 1 cup of cereal and 1/ cup of almond milk!), eat a cup of yogurt around 10 and would eat lunch around 1 pm if I were hungry. Today I ate an apple instead and then another yogurt around 4 pm. Ate dinner around 9 pm (the spinach salad I should have eaten yesterday!)
I gotta get more movement in my life. Walking Dutchess helps ’cause I’m moving more that I would be if I didn’t walk her!!! And walking in the park on Saturday and/or Sunday is not enough! Gotta do something consistent…what to do, what to do….Hmmm I’ll sleep on it.

One thought on “Now what???

  1. Having no appetite is not a good thing. You have to monitor your appetite, but if you don't have one you need to really look inside and figure out what is going on. Because I know when i don't eat it's because i'm thinking way to much. And yea you'll use that excuse, “I can just live off my belly fat” like you always tell me but that's not healthy. Really look at why you're not hungry? What have you been thinking about?

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