Plugging along….

It is most difficult to corral your thoughts! Especially in “the world”. Lord knows I want to persevere but I don’t think I got that gene! The only reason I’m fixated on a snickers right now is because I know there is one in the refrigerator right now! I won’t go buy one but let one be anywhere in the same vicinity as me…it’s all I think about!!! Been holding out though…keeping to my “goal”. Ate a pear, got an apple. Had lunch (hmmm shrimp and pasta & veggies!), water (not enough though) and a handful of cheez its (one of those 100 calorie packs). I did treat myself to some pecan sandies (another 100 calorie snack) and now it’s almost 3:30 pm and I’m thinking about dinner!!!!
This is insane!  I was drawing for awhile which keeps my mind occupied then I realized I didn’t bring all the tools I need to complete a drawing! AAArrrggghhhh! I can work on it but it’s irritating when you don’t have what you need! But anything to keep me out of the kitchen!!!

Haven’t done any kind of movement in the past week. NO movement that exerts you – gets your metabolism burning! I’ve moved from the sofa to the kitchen and upstairs or back downstairs but that not enough to burn off the fat! Something’s gotta give – I gotta give up something….quick! Until then I’ll just keep plugging along, day by day, one foot in front of the other.

NO MORE SNICKERS! I don’t want it, I don’t want it, I don’t, I don’t! Whew, glad I got that out! Feel better already! I have to admit though I have been good!!! Yesterday I got gas at the only QT station I KNOW sells snickers brownie ice cream sandwiches! And I did NOT go inside (though I gave myself every reason I could think of to get one!!) – no snickers for me!!!!! I’m done! (almost!). I’ll take the kudos anyway I can get them!!! LOL! I’m not even replacing them for something else – I’m good!!! I’m not denying myself just not eating what I know will send me over the edge and not eating out of control by staying aware of what I’m eating and how much.

I’m good. Today.

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