A pat on the back

OMG!! I’ve been consistent!! Last night doesn’t count though. Anyway, since I last wrote I’ve been consistently putting my “glutton” impulse in check and it’s worked!!!! Happy Dance!! Yea!! First week: I have nothing – repeat NOTHING in my house that would remotely call it self “snack” or “comfort food”! So even though I repeatedly opened the freezer and the refrigerator looking for something there was nothing there for me to “curl up on the sofa” with and indulge myself!  Tough Love. Then I bought some Kashi cereals (13 grams of protein!), Special K meal bars and Special K protein drinks, fruit (apples and frozen mixed fruits) and yogurt (Publix brand). Except for the occasional salad with salmon that’s all I ate! The cravings subsided considerably and as long as I made certain I ate every three hours ( a bar or a drink or an apple) I didn’t get hungry and didn’t think “food”. Third week or so I was feeling good not stuffed  and defintiely not hungry. Of course I’m not around “other food” so it’s been working for me – especially since I’ve not been searching out my favorite – snickers anything!
Last night I went to a stage play and at intermission they had water, soda or chocolate chip cookies for a donation of $1.00.  I bought the cookie. Not impulsively – that was the good part (I guess) but I didn’t want soda and the water would have made me run to the potty. So I ate the cookie. Bad. Not just a bad idea but a bad cookie. It was DRY! And the sugar went straight to my brain I got dizzy!!! I ended up drinking so much water trying to flush the taste et al out of my system I had to go anyway!!!! I should have DONATED the $1.00. I’m still learning y’all. I’m still learning.
Today has been a good day, cereal for breakfast (measured out 1 cup!), a protein drink around 11 (right before service) and a protein bar on the way home around 1:30 and an apple. Water when I got home. Tonight I plan to have a salmon salad but we’ll see what I feel like by “dinner” time! Ciao!

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