Letting go is definitely NOT easy…

It’s been another week since I’ve written…I do good, I do not so good. Not with not writing but with not staying committed to what I want to achieve. I want to lose the unwanted weight yet that which I want to do I do not do and that which I do not want to do I do! UGH! The Flesh is definitely weak! As long as I am not in the midst of temptation I do well but let me be hungry and be around food…any food…and I get right on board the glutton train.
Spent a whole week eating “sensibly” – really, really, really good! Went to MD for my grandson’s birthday and his party was at “Chuck E. Cheese’s” house (kids = noise). I had eaten earlier (like 7 a.m.) and the birthday stuff was at noon – not exactly noon ’cause you gotta wait for most of the peeps to arrive, order the food (pizza, hot wings…) and eventually find the kids that have disappeared into the bedlam of twinkling lights, moving parts and the scramble for tickets! By the time any of that had taken place I’d swiped a few finger fulls of icing off my grandson’s cake and was about to wrestle a four year old  (from another table) for his food!
Never get so hungry you’d eat pizza from rat…yeah Chuck is a rat…albeit a fun rat to the kids!

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