Because you receive food coupons in the mail does not mean you have to use them!
Ok, so I’m talking about me. Some Burger King coupons touting “BOGOF” came in the mail last week and I never took them out of the car. I was hungry coming home one night and saw this blue paper between the seats and pulled it out. Oh My! The Hungires were dancing for joy! Burger King coupons! Mind you I haven’t eaten at a burger king probably since I left MD!!! Chik fil let is my fast food of choice these days. Oh, yeah, Me and the hungries drove to burger king and got a grilled chicken sandwich (meal) and the “free” chicken sandwich too!! After all it was buy one get one free!!! The 2nd sandwich became breakfast the next day.
Then the next day for lunch I used another coupon and got a chicken sandwich (meal) and gave the 2nd one to Pastor Bob for his lunch. And the next day too!
And wadda ya know, on the way home last night I passed another burger king – well I hadn’t used up all the coupons yet!!! This time I got a Whopper (two!). Saved the 2nd for breakfast this morning on my way to my exhibit with the excuse that I probably wouldn’t get to eat (I didn’t need to eat EVER!) I can’t believe I ate a Whopper – two!!!! 

Let me tell you about burger king… I’m gonna need a series of colonics that’s what!!
Today I went grocery shopping. No more burger king, no more lapses.
Been doing step aerobics in the mornings…gotta get moving. Again. (Smooh Move will help, too!)
Thank God you can always begin again.

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  1. MOMMY!!!! hum…..well at least you confessed it. 🙂 We have to start walking together. maybe you should come play football with me! 🙂 at least you could walk around the park .

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