It may seem a bit early to do so but I’m patting myself on my back for consistency for the past two weeks!! Yea me!!!! Great Job!!!
Yup since last week I’ve been getting up (not early) and “working out” to my exercise tapes! Not quite ready to tackle the whole hour of exercise I’ve been doing the tapes in increments which has been working for me! Since the first time I started I passed out after three minutes and now I can actually get through 15 minutes I say Yea me! again!! You don’t realize how little you use a muscle until you ask it to do something! All my muscles hurt! Legs, thighs, arms, chest, abdomen, even my double chin!! But at least I’m using them! Whudda thunk a 3 pound weight could wreak such havoc on a body!!! It’s been said that after 40 you lose like 8 lbs of muscles a year if you don’t use them. Hmmm I wonder how much muscle I had to begin with????
I am fitting better in my clothes now – no longer looking like a sausage bursting out of its casing!! There’s something to this consistency thing after all – even if it does hurt. When it does hurt I do yoga – stretch everything out, soothe my psyche. So I do aerobics one day then the next day I do weight lifting (my 3 and 5 lb weights and I’ve gotten to using 10 lbers for some arm exercises!) and then I do yoga one day. Then I start the routine all over again. That’s during the week. On the weekends I walk Dutchess now that the weather has gotten so much cooler. She’s loving it! We make it around the mountain again!

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