Ya Hooooo!

Yup! I’m singing my praises again! For good reasons too…going into my 3rd week (I think) and have been consistently getting up and “working out” to my aerobics w/weights tape. Ok so I’m using 3 lb weights – so what? Those joints are heavy!!! I sometimes am able to use the 10 lb weights when I do the bicep something or others (I forget what they are called)!!!
Anyway back to the good stuf! I was going thru my libations one morning and decided to pull out the scale – yes the dreaded scale!! What the heck I thought whatever it says it won’t keep me from “working out”!
So I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and stepped up! Then I looked down. Thought I was wearing the wrong glasses!! The scale said 175! Down, yes down from 190, to 182 and now 175!!!! HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE! I was doing a James Brown slide across my bedroom!! I’m too excited!

So today what happens? My grandson (and daughter) want to go walking up The Mountain. I say yes but my heart is NOT in it. By the time we get to The Mountain I’m looking (and feeling) like a recalcitrant child!! We don’t even get one third of the way up before Adenike says STOP. We’re not going any further if you’re gonna behave like this! Do you want to go up The Mountain or not? We can walk around The Mountain base instead. I gleefully turned around and sceedattled back down The Mountain!!!
So she and I began walking – leisurely – around the base. We walked slow enough for me to talk so it was a good pace. And we walked about 45 mins around and then the 45 mins back and met my grandson at the car. Which he had been sitting in with the A/C running so by the time Adenike and I got there the car battery was dead. Nother story.
Across the street from the Stone Mountain visitors center is a down home from Philly cheese steak joint called Weeyums. What better way to wait for a jump than to indulge in a mouth watering, juicy, ummm ummm ummmm cheese steak? Adenike and my Grandson Jelani went across the street to put in our order while I waited with the car.
Battery jumped we headed back to Adenike’s to chow down!!! Good news is I only ate half my cheese steak (that half was enough for two meals anyway!!) But I’ve got the other half for dinner tonight!!!!
Am I fixated?
Oh well, at this point all I want to do is go sit in a tub of hot water with bubbles and epsom salts and soak my weary muscles!!!
Imma keep on keepin’ on ’til I reach my goal!!!

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