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Don’t know if blogs are supposed to be written every day, once a week or once a month, etc I just write when I have something that moves me to write!!
Watched a dvd last night by The Firm on a 30 minute aerobic workout…yea, I said watched it. Was so vigourous it wore me out..I slept like a baby!!
But this morning just thinking about working out to that dvd, video, any of them got me to procrastinating so bad I didn’t even want to draw!!!!! Now that is BAD.
So I pulled my thoughts back in and asked what is it that I would do…even if out of guilt if not “pleasure”? I looked through my double glass doors and saw The Dutchess looking at me. That’s it my inner child cried – walk The Dutchess!!! Not just any walk…whoa there….not around The Mountain either (unfortunately The Dutchess wouldn’t make it around the entire Mountain – me either!). So The Dutchess and I headed to Mountain park! A beautiful place of recreation and trails. And I forgot it was Friday so the park was practically empty…except for us “retired” folk. No dogs for The Dutchess to attempt to anilhilate. So we traversed the park twice at a good pace. Good for her….somewhat good for me. She trotted and I walked at a quick pace then of course she’d stop to smell the roses…er dog pee and I’d stand around for a bit (which was kinda good…I could catch my wind!). Then off The Dutchess goes…on a trot again after some other “scent”!!! But it was good! I got my endorphins perculating and metabolism up enough for me to have to take off my sweatshirt jacket (you know, one of those sweatshirts I split up the middle)! Then The Dutchess and I hung out in the park for awhile before heading home.
Now I’m ready to tackle my day! Gotta clean my kitchen…the way I want it cleaned (teenagers just don’t do it the way you want them to!). Might do some laundry but will definitely draw today!!!
OH! Most importantly my “special K” try out has been working for me! I drink the chocolate protein meal replacement drinks maybe twice a day, eat one of the meal replacement bars during a day and have an apple and somewhere in the day eat a cup of soup, have cereal for breakfast and IF I’m hungry probably eat a small meal for dinner. Been doing this for the past 11 days.
Even with eating less I still need MORE MOVEMENT in my life! I sit more than I move and this has to be reversed….somehow.
Guess I’ll go up and down my stairs more often…which is happening anyway since I always need something that’s upstairs when I’m down or vice versa!!
Ahhh well, behavioral change is slow but I am progressing!!!! Yea, to eating less. On to moving more!!

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