Once again……A New Beginning!!!

I’m jotting down my thoughts again on my up and down journey of gaining and releasing weight! Yup, as you may have read or can read from previous posts I’ve been juggling the same poundage for some years now…lose some, gain some back, release some more, gain more back…..I’ll walk, go to the “Y”, Curves, workout to at home DVD’s and all I’ve been doing is “maintaining” my weight because after I’d exercise I’d “treat” myself for a good workout by eating….cake, pie, cookies or my favorite nemesis…Snickers bars!!
I might burn off 1500 calories walking 5 miles or using the rowing machine at the “Y” but then I’d put back on 2000 scarfing down a whole apple pie!!!
I’ll say it…I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m depressed, when I’m lonely, when I’m sad, mad, bad…..or happy. I just eat…using food to soothe what I don’t want to work on at the time. Simple as that.
Well, now that I’m working on “me” consistently…psychologically that is….I have come down from 190 lbs to 179 lbs (probably since, I’ll say April of 2012 when I took tennis lessons). So here it is April again…a year later and I’ve still been yo-yo ing those pounds…because even though I’ve been playing tennis consistently each week I’ve also been consistently eating….m&m’s, snickers, apple pie……
Well, for Lent I gave up apple pie and succeeded in not eating any for the full 40 days of Lent. Yay! Rewarded myself with oatmeal raisin cookies….a whole bag. Hmmmmmmmm.
Well, my daughter Adenike came to the rescue….by introducing me to a weight management system from the company with which she is associated. I received my package Tuesday, April 2nd and began using the products.
Two things I’ve noticed in the past two days…a) I don’t pass out at six o’clock (sleeping until the next morning!) after the 16 month old I care for goes home and b) I passed up a Snickers bar! I actually looked at it and turned it down…not in a “fist balling”, teeth clenching way…I just didn’t want it. and if you know me…you that in itself is a wonder!
So I invite you to follow my journey….again…and see what happens!!

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  1. Awesome! Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing how the products continue to assist you at reaching your goals. Keep sharing daily! 🙂

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