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I have never been a proponent of the “no pain no gain” school of thought. Ever. If it’s painful I’m not doing it. If I end up in pain because I over did it I don’t go back…not for some time anyway. I can take sore….I just don’t do pain. I know there are many levels of pain…I’m talking about pain that if on a scale of 1 to 10…ten being the worst ever….you’re at 35.
So when my hip started to feel “less than perfect”, when I started limping, then dragging my left leg like Quasimodo, when I staggered into the CVS Pharmacy crying, begging for Percaset, Oxycodin, (any drug would do at that point) I knew I hadn’t gotten any better at pain management.
(Yes I did go to the doctor to ascertain the cause of the pain and yes was told a lifetime of “medication”would ease the pain). Not happening. Nada. Neither. Nope. No.
Ok so I capitulated on the medication which of course is none of the above mentioned drugs…no where close….and a very low dosage.
I’ve spent my life making it a habit of not taking pills or being medicated so you know for me to agree, at this age, stage…it was pretty bad (for me)…like I said….a 35 on the pain scale.
In my previous blog I mentioned two things I noticed about the nutritional supplement I’ve been mixing in water and taking daily…well I have a third.
At the end of March I panicked because I had run  out of my “hip medication” and went to the CVS (yeah, the same one…..they’ve got my picture up…”watch out for this nut”!) to see if I could get it refilled. My doctor (or her assistant) had called it in but it was not the same dosage….it was less!  I had already started imagining   my leg dragging behind me again!!
By April 2nd I had not yet gotten the correct dosage but I also had not taken any of the lower dosage pills (I suppose I could have doubled up but I didn’t…and the “pain” level was at maybe a four…).
Also on April 2nd I receive my “goodie” package that contained the nutritional supplements for my weight management system and I began to use them.

Soooo the third thing I’ve noticed happening to me physically since taking the nutritional supplements is that I have no hip pain. None. Nothing. Nada. Gone. Kaput.
No limping, no dragging, no more medication. Haven’t even called my doctor to have her call in the corrected dosage.
I’m still doing what I always do….just without taking any medication.  I like this stuff!

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