Missing My Muse

It’s been a long time now…almost ten years….since my Muse went on a sabbatical. She has yet to return. I’ve begun searching for her….when I lost interest in drawing or painting portraits…my only true love. Something was terribly wrong. Conversations in going deeper begun to infiltrate my Spirit…showing up in various ways of creating portraits….mixed media mostly to entice my Muse back home…to open up my Spirit.

I continue to search….keep looking but no Muse. She’s gone. Not for good…..I’ve begun to get small inklings of her…feeling her once again. I can tell because the drawing is coming more freely recently.  I’m letting her know I’ve begun to clean out the garbage of the past…..there’s a clean house awaiting her return. No longer is her voice being ignored……
 There is much work to be done but done daily it is! I’ll use the shadow side to create and allow the beauty of it to clear the path home. Missing My Muse……yet I feel her stirring….knowing her return is imminent.


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