With profound gratitude……

With profound gratitude I live my life purpose. What is my purpose? At this stage of my life what is my purpose? What makes me feel alive? What makes time disappear for me? What brings me continued joy? 
There are many possible answers but only one that has been a continued and unbroken thread throughout my life…even now at this stage….the one that seems to be in slow motion at times…even my driving has slowed down!!
 I can truly and honestly say I’ve never stopped drawing or doing something pertaining to art and creativity. I’ve sewn doll clothes, made Halloween costumes, drawn in pencil, poured paints, mixed media, taught kids and adults to draw, and no matter how psychotic I’ve been there’s always been art in my life…through all the craziness, calmness and goodness.
I’ve not been kind to my Muse…..I’ve sent her running for more positive, nurturing soil in which to grow. She’s been gone a long time…..I miss her touch. I know it is I who must sow my creative seeds in positive soil, nurture them, love them in order to see a harvest….see the return of my Muse.  I feel her more and more these days….the creating is coming easier, flowing a little quicker. I must be consistent in going to the table to create and refilling the well of creativity when done. There is no output without input……I must be consistent…..walk in nature, commune with Spirit in meditation, be kind, be grateful for every little and big thing I have…….be grateful for the love I have and receive, where I am, who I am….I AM unique, uncommon, there is no other Phyllis like me. I AM the One, the only one!!! I draw because I want to, I love to, I can, I am able. God has blessed me with this ability……thank you God. I will be forever grateful and show my gratitude by using that ability daily….to beautify my surroundings and the surroundings of others! Drawing daily because I can and am able to draw. I bless my hands…my right hand in particular….I am so thankful Lord that you are healing my hands, enabling me to continue to draw showing the world what you can do through me!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
From this moment forward I live my purpose, my life with profound gratitude!!
For the next 21 days (and beyond)  my intent is too meditate on gratitude, walk for fitness and eat with the purpose of feeding my body the nutrition it needs in smaller portions throughout the day.
This day I will walk for an hour, draw for many hours and eat a good breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner all the while drinking water throughout the day!! Food diary!!!!!
I’ve slept for 15 uninterrupted hours after working three nights with about 12 hours of sleep. Still getting acclimated to working nights…since it is difficult for me to sleep during the day unless I am truly wore out (like yesterday).
Since I’ve been awake since four in the morning I shall now arise and move gladly into my day!
 My walking goal  is to walk again up to Lake Lily from my apartment.  Today I’ll see how far I get in one half hour (half hour out and a half hour back to the apt.); Will check back at the end of the day.

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