Come to the Fire….

I’ve been re-reading my earlier Blog posts and cracking myself up! I do write some funny stuff!
It has been four years since I last wrote in this Blog. I haven’t stopped writing, just haven’t written here. I write in journals and even tried an online journal for awhile.  I’m back to my Pannet Expressions because I want to build a “following” for my Creative Expressions Artworxs classes which I intend to begin offering in the early part of this year!
As I move into my seventieth year I am on a quest to heal all the broken parts of me, to reforge myself in the fires of growth and rise to new, higher levels acknowledging all the Fierce, Fabulous and Divinely Feminine parts that exist not only in me but in all women. My intention is to burn up all thoughts of limitation, lack, grief, shame and/or fearfulness!  Sometimes we have to burn through stored up emotional pain so in forgiving myself I will fire up my imagination and my creativity and continue to forge a newer me. My torchbearers, my flame keepers will be with me all the way insuring my flame does not die out.

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