What’s My Mood?

Stress makes you gain weight. Depression can lead to emotional eating. Anxiety can lead to compulsive eating (plus all the stress issues above). Hmmm, Let’s see…
Stress dumps cortisol into your body which attaches itself to your belly, your belly keeps getting bigger, you get more stressed out ’cause you’re getting bigger, you keep eating, your belly (and everything else) keeps growing and round and round you go! So now you’re depressed ’cause you’re stressed out from being bigger (than you wanna be) and the only thing that lifts your mood is……we already know snickers is my nemesis but tonight I didn’t have any! So there! (I’ll tell you later what I DID have). Your brain is making attempts to lift you out your low, sad, depressed mood so it’s sending you signals to suck up as much sugar as you can to raise your mood!By the time you’ve satisfied your cravings you’re anxious about what you’ve just done – how many calories was that? Why did I eat that? Now I’ll NEVER fit into those pants!!! And so on and so on and so on until you have an anxiety attack and guess what? You start eating all over again!!!!   Comfort food. Hmmmm soooo goood.

Me stressed? Nah. Not depressed either, nor anxious about anything. Hmmm, I think that’s called denial.
Somewhere around  5 pm I ate a wonderfully delicious Healthy Choice meal (NO I did not pretty it up by putting it on a plate!).
Then I kept getting these thoughts about “not enough”. Not enough what??? No worries, I don’t have anything in my house that even looks like a “snack”! The cupboard is bare!
I walked into the kitchen, opened the freezer (full of Healthy Choice meals!), looked on the door and saw this little can. Same can that was in my freezer before I moved (back in April). Yup, I moved the can along with everything else.
It was a can of Bacardi’s Pina Colada mix. I put it in the blender, added strawberries, mangoes, peaches  & some water, blended it and proceeded to drink 16 oz of fruity sugar water. Yeah, I feel just great. Ugh.

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